At first this shy fluffy gentle soul must warn you...

a) This page makes me nervous because I need to show my face - it’s true I have to. (I am so nervous and shy of my own photo being taken yet I take photos ain't that funny) - I am being the camera and I've become accustomed to it.


b) I’ve got to write blurb how to sell myself. Not just that I have passion about blah blah. All the history about what I've done yack yack, —  my "About me" now has to actually be “how am I going to make you book me”...


Besides my giddy happy dance I do when I get the shot that I love or the awkward faces I pull behind the camera when I can’t personally focus because my eye sight is absolutely shocking and I have glasses but the fog up when I wear them... to me constantly keeping my good eye open and bad eye closed so that at least I can see something in focus... and that I will probably have an allergic reaction by the end of the shoot from rolling on the grass - cause yes I’m allergic to grass - so expect a chick all in black with knee high boots long sleeves in mid summer... soaked with no make up.


I clearly can’t say that.... on my about page can I? Or did I just say that?

If I need to put down the some form of information about myself, just to make sure I'm not a robot. I am a proud mother to 2 hoomans, a girl and boy. They are young and make me feel old. But saying that I know the importance of treasuring memories, especially as children grow so fast. I have 2 dogs, I love dogs! ... and horses...  I LOVE HORSES!!!


On the professional side of this page...

I studied photography before digital, (in the dark room and developed my own photos). I worked for many years in the magazine industry in editing photographs. But when I became a mom, the rest is history.


Now I have a camera, I capture moments and document them, I'm not a director and yell at you "action"... and I'll probably be just as nervous as you at the beginning of  the shoot. I do help my clients to sit down and relax, and now and then I ask them nicely to look into the middle of my lens. I climb into bushes - and up trees sometimes...

I enjoy photographing weddings and portraiture, but since 2019 I am concentrating mainly on Births, Maternity and Newborns in a very lifestyle approach. I still offer a small variety of photography packages outside of my specialty.

I am a proud registered member of SABPA, the South Africa Birth Photographer's Association.

Also I specialise in Special Needs photography, for more information please go to www.differentkindofperfect.co.za

So this is me. Thanks for stopping by and reading this far.

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